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Accudata Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading software solution and web application providers in India. We are a front runner in providing web application development in India for all who approach us for our service. Among the web development companies in India; ours offer the best and timely software solutions. Accudata has around 900 clients. The company is a forerunner and has an outstanding track record in giving quality web applications software products and services to its clients and customers. We provide excellent software solutions and help develop good web application and ERP solutions. Our professionals give advanced software solutions using latest advancements in technology for customers in India and the Middle East. We help with the company’s needs and find quality software solution and web application development services ideal for them.

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Our Products

Customer Care Chat

Need to chat with your customers regarding your products and services? You can reach out to the visitors who are coming to your site through our effective chat process..
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ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions is also called as Enterprise Resource Planning. There comes many services under it...
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Hotel E-booking

This software helps you in online hotel booking, such as booking into hotels...
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Health Care E-Consultation

Details of the patients for a travelling doctor can be maintained via online. This is the most effective way of storing databases...
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HR Online

Is your company looking to simplify your hiring process? The answer to your HR problems is right here...
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Student Care

Time is very precious. We'll help you save a lot of it...
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Multi Lingual Software

Is language becoming a barrier in developing your business? Your time for worry has come to an end...
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E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce web solution is very effective tool in today's e-business activities that is taking place around the world...
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Addcart & Payment Gateway

ERP Solutions is also called as Enterprise Resource Planning. There comes many services under it.
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Privacy Protection

The originality of the software can be ensured as to whether the product can be relied on or not. This helps in eliminating counterfeit...
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It makes possible a better security of your websites...
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Other Solutions

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Accudata Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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