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Online HR solutions

HR online or HR solutions for corporate companies

Is your company looking to simplify your hiring process? The answer to your HR problems is right here in our HR software:
        Our HR online software has the option to add vacancies, departments, job details, terms and conditions etc.
        HR software has the option to manage interview status, call letters etc.
        Call letters can be provided individually or to a group of people with our HR solutions.
        Different types of search options are also implemented in our HR software.

Our HR Online for small organizations

With our HR software, the companies get to add job vacancies available in their company. In our HR online software solution there is also the service of giving online application, where the candidates can fill out the details and in turn the company can contact the right or eligible candidate into his organization or company. In our HR software there is also the facility to store the database of all the candidates.

With our HR online, the HR can in turn contact the rightful candidates. The services available in HR solutions for small organizations:
       With the HR software we can add vacancies.
       With the HR software we can receive online applications.
       There is also the facility for resume storage in our HR online software.
       With our HR solution we have the option to communicate with the candidates.

Web application development division

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